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    Mandated Spec Corvette specifications- UPDATED 9-12-2019
    Eligible cars are 1997 to 2004 C5 models base coupe, FRC and Z06
    • Minimum weight – 3200 lbs. Official Min Weight is 3200 lbs with driver, directly AFTER you pull off the track after the race. Scale in at 3199 after the race, its an immediate DQ for that race. • Removal of carpet and insulation, AC/heating, windows, radio, passenger seat, parking brake, sunglass holder, mustache combs, gold chain lanyards permissible.
    Its real simple. Don’t touch it. If you think its not allowed, its not allowed. If you think it might be allowed, its probably not. Be sure to ask questions if you are unsure about the SPECs below. • Engines must be stock LS6 or LS1
    • LS6 Engine is the benchmark engine for 2019-2020 season.
    • All cars will be required to show a dyno sheet before its first race and subject to random dyno testing. • LS1 Engines upgradable with FACTORY UNMODIFIED LS6 243/799 heads, LS6 Cam, LS6 Intake.
    • Must run FACTORY LS1/LS6 Throttle body and MAF sensor, untouched, not ported.
    • Must run factory Corvette airbox assembly although the zip tie/flip tie mod is allowed.
    • Factory LS6 intake manifold must be untouched, not ported.
    • Heads must be 243/799 LS6 factory heads untouched, no porting or polishing.
    • LS6/LS3 valve springs permissible and recommended.
    • Valves must be factory size and untouched.
    • Engine block must be factory LS1/LS6. Cylinders may be honed during rebuild but NO overboring allowed at this time.
    • Stock Oil Pump can be replaced with high pressure/high volume pump Mellings MEL10296/MEL10295
    • Exhaust manifolds must be stock. Pre 01 cars can upgrade to LS6/2001+ exhaust manifolds. Removal of catalytic converters and exhaust after manifolds is open to modification
    • Tuning for race gas and use of race gas is not permissible. ALL CARS MUST RUN LOCAL PUMP GAS 91 MAX. If your region has 94 available, it must be written into region rulesets and approved by your region director
    • Katech Tensioner allowed to prevent belt walking.
    Engine, Trans, and Diff Mounts
    • Aftermarket engine, diff, and trans mounts are permissible and recommended. • Solid or Poly replacement allowed. • Trans/diff bracing such as the DTE bracing is NOT ALLOWED. . Stock engine ECU mandatory
    • Catch cans permissible
    • Z06 “Batwing” oil pan or Improved racing baffle kit recommended P/N EGM-202
    • Dyno reports required for each car. All engines are stock LS6. No power or efficiency modifications allowed to LS6 engine
    • Removal of non-essential wiring OK
    • Bigger radiator, engine, tranny and diff coolers are allowed for ruggedness and reliability
    Drive Train
    • All components must be factory (transmission, torque tube assembly, rear differential and housing.
    • Transmission: Factory MN6 and MN12 allowed. ALL FACTORY GEAR RATIOS MUST BE MAINTAINED. Transmissions can be rebuilt with improved reliability (steel forks, bronze etc) but overall performance/gearing cannot be altered.
    • Clutch: LS6 clutch with factory steel flywheel permissible. LS7 factory clutch with RAM Alum 19lb alum flywheel permissible to improve clutch reliability and bring overall unit weight back down to LS6 level.
    • Clutch Hydraulics: Factory Slave permissible. We are currently testing aftermarket slaves to improve reliability. Clutch master: Factory GM or Tilton Adjustable permissible but be advised to properly adjust the Tilton or you will have clutch failures. Extending bleeder line permissible.
    • Torque tube couplers: Factory GM rubber guibos, aluminum solid, or poly guibos or any combination of these are allowed for increased reliability.
    • Rear Differential: MUST RUN FACTORY GEARS AND DIFFERENTIAL. Rear gears max 3.42 ratio. Must run factory housing. No bracing allowed or needed. Factory GM differential unit only. No aftermarket differential or LSDs allowed.
    • Shifters are open although we have had the best luck with factory C6 shifters. Cheap and reliable.
    • Aftermarket shift knob permissible
    Alignment settings
    Front settings
    • Maximum Camber 2.5 Degrees
    • Toe out 1/8″ Max
    • Caster is -6.5 maximum(+-.5 variance allowed)
    Rear settings
    • Camber Max 1.4 Degrees
    • Toe in 1/4″ maximum
    Rake and ride height on both sides of the car
    • Ride heights open
    • BUMP STEER Kits: NOT Permissible. Factory GM or factory replacement toe rod ends allowed only. No kits that adjust bump steer allowed. UPDATED: 9/16/19
    • SPEC Coilover system is Penske SPEC Corvette sealed units
    • OEM monoleaf springs and shocks are permissible, including T1
    • A-arm bushings upgradeable to monoball, delrin, or polyurethane.
    • OEM rubber bushings in factory A-arms are permissible
    Sway Bars
    • SPEC Racing SCT-1 sway bars (Direct T1 replacement), poly bushings and end-links
    • OEM C5, Z06, and T1 sway bars are permissible
    AFE Control Phase Out Plan
    • AFE Control Coilovers and Sway bars allowed until the end of 2020 race season.
    • After 2020 race season, AFE Control coilovers and sway bars will be out of compliance.
    • SKF racing hubs with ARP extended studs optional
    • OEM hubs are permissible, but not advised. OEM hubs are guaranteed to crack at the flange under frequent racing conditions.
    Upright options
    • Stock C5 uprights
    • Stock C6 uprights
    FRONT Brakes
    Official Big Brake kit of SPEC CORVETTE Wilwood Brakes
    • Wilwood 6 piston P/N 140-14557-N with hose kit P/N 220-8176
    • ALL Race pad compounds are permissible
    Official Race Pads and rotors of SPEC CORVETTE Powerstop
    • Powerstop “Trackday” race pads
    • Front Pads P/N PST-731
    • Rear Pads P/N PST-732
    • Front Rotors P/N AR8259XPR-HC
    • Rear Rotors P/N AR8261XPR-HC
    • Stock C5 or C6 OEM brake calipers allowed
    • Upgrade to Z51 rotors and brackets permissible, front and rear
    • All Race pad compounds are permissible for stock brakes
    • Stainless steel brake lines are permissible
    • Race brake fluid advised
    • For durability and economy a two-piece aftermarket rotor is acceptable (both front and rear) as long as it is the same diameter and a steel rotor (No Carbon!)
    • Stainless steel caliper pistons are permissible to upgrade factory C5/C6 calipers
    • Aftermarket brake ducting is permissible
    Rear Brakes
    • Factory rear brake calipers must be run. • Aftermarket 2 piece rotors permissible for improved reliability and life. • Factory or OE replacement rear rotors permissible. • Rear pad compound is open. • Rear stainless lines permissible. Wheels
    • Wheels must be 18″ diameter and a minimum 10″ width and maximum 11″ width on all four corners
    • OEM rear 10.5” x 18” Z06 Speedlines are permissible
    • Wheels must weigh 20 lbs. minimum
    • Aftermarket wheel studs and lug nuts OK
    Official Tires of SPEC CORVETTE Falken Tire 615K+
    • Tires are 315/30×18 on all four corners
    • All vehicles MUST RUN the series specific tire Falken 615K+
    Other allowed modifications
    Official Hood Vents of SPEC CORVETTE Trackspec Motorsports C5 T1 hood vent kit in specified location
    • Trackspec Motorsports 3” rear spoiler – coming soon
    • Change of steering wheel with quick-release
    • Rear Tub modification: The removal of the trunk tub is allowed to gain access for easy diff/transmission removals. The tub is allowed to be cut at the intersection of the vertical walls where it meets the horizontal trunk area. A closeout panel is allowed to be fabricated and installed to complete a flat surface across the trunk area. Fans and diff/trans oil coolers may be mounted to this close out panel.
    Required equipment
    • The safety rules within the SCCA GCR are the over-riding guidelines with regards to safety specifications listed below
    • Removal of airbags
    • 10 lb. fire system mandatory
    • Electrical cut-off switch
    • FIA race seat, halo protection strongly recommended
    • HANS or equivalents
    • FIA or SFI harness within date requirements
    • Window net required
    • Tow hooks front and rear required
    • Cage must meet SCCA spec’s for T1
    • Headlights and wipers must work
    Specifically disallowed
    • Race gas
    Any modifications not specifically approved above are not allowed and will result in likely disqualification. So don’t try to get away with unapproved modifications or we will DQ you from the series indefinitely. If you are caught blatantly cheating, your car and the shop that built it will be announced as DQ’d from the series.

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